Meet Sandy. A teacher of 22 years and a sports enthusiast, Sandy always lived a vivacious life. On 13 March 2005, Sandy was taking some friends out for skiing lessons behind her jetski, when she misjudged the position of a thick tree branch hanging over the river. Not seeing the branch at all, Sandy's head collided with the tree at full speed, knocking her off the jetski and unconscious into the water. She suffered a broken nose, broken jaw, broken neck and scapula as well as several broken ribs. Sandy was in an instant coma and doctors had told her family and friends to prepare to say goodbye. Miraculously, Sandy awoke from her coma and began to show signs of healing. Despite her first memory being in September (6 months after the accident), Sandy began to write music as a form of dealing with her emotional healing. Ten years on, Sandy is back casual teaching, maintaining her cheery disposition and writing music to channel her feelings. Before the accident, Sandy lived a comfortable life in a large house and owned a jetski. Today, Sandy has downgraded to a more manageable home, but sees her possessions and her living arrangements as a blessing; placing value on her life rather than the things that fill it. Still smiling and making jokes, Sandy is remarkable. She is a Strong Woman.