Image supplied by   Sapphire Snow

Image supplied by Sapphire Snow

Meet Meral. Originally from Amsterdam, Meral has always loved competing and performing- starting synchronised swimming at the age of 7. As her confidence and skill grew, so did the training regime- increasing from 1 to 15 hours per week. Competing in both national and international competitions, Meral’s success was building however she ceased swimming when she moved to Australia in 2004. Not knowing much English, Meral was determined to fill her time with something she loved. Starting off with Ballroom Dancing and then moving to Swing Dancing, she went from student to teacher within 9 months. Around the same time, Meral started her Medical Science degree to fulfil her dream of being a doctor; however her love of dance kept drawing her to perform. 2008 saw the introduction of something different- Burlesque. Making her own costumes and learning to dance without any formal classes, she started choreographing routines. From here, Meral’s stage name Sapphire Snow and Peaches 'n' Gin Burlesque! was born. Meral is the sole owner and operator of Peaches ‘n’ Gin, which is predominantly a Burlesque dance studio, but also offers Go-Go and Swing dance lessons as well as vintage makeup and fashion classes. Meral lives her life believing that there is nothing more important than learning to love who you are and her job as principal instructor allows her to encourage and inspire other women to find and build confidence that is so often discounted in today’s culture. She is a Strong Woman.