Meet Mary-Lou. The eldest of five children, Mary-Lou has always been a nurturer. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be a nurse, and saw herself having a large family. After marriage and a few years of nursing, Mary-Lou and her husband Ralph decided to start a family. For years they tried to fall pregnant but were not successful. Being a nurse, Mary-Lou was constantly surrounded by new life, which increased her desire to be a mother. Driving around the streets of her home town, Mary-Lou would even check boxes and bags dumped on the side of the road, hoping she would discover an abandoned child needing a home and a mother. Following eight years of various treatments and heartache, Mary-Lou and her husband welcomed their only child- a daughter- into the world. Now some 30 years on, Mary-Lou is the very proud grandmother of three little ones, and continues to love and nurture everyone she meets. She is a Strong Woman.