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Meet Georgette. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Georgette followed in the footsteps of people around her and graduated from college with a Degree in Business. Once graduated, Georgette gained employment in marketing at NBC, and although she thought the job sounded glamorous, she worked from a tiny cubical in a large office. Disappointed that her expectations were not met, Georgette left her job after only four months. Deciding she wanted to be around people, she worked for seven years doing developmental assessments for children with intellectual disabilities. However after years of working in this job, there was no way to progress so Georgette was looking for another change. One weekend Georgette did make-up for a friend's wedding, and after receiving so many compliments, she decided to try it full time. Returning to study to become a qualified make-up artist, Georgette's first week as a MUA was on an independent film. Since discovering her passion was indeed make-up and beauty, Georgette has been able to travel the world and pursue what she loves. Instead of believing she was locked into her career in marketing, Georgette decided to take a leap of faith and do what she loves-- today this has paid off, and she fills her days beautifying people both locally and internationally. She is a Strong Woman.