Meet Karen. With over 30 years of engineering and business experience, Karen’s professional profile is nothing short of extraordinary! However her journey with her personal life has been one of tenacity and true inspiration. Despite the collection of well-groomed images found on her website and online, Karen is authentic, and isn’t ashamed of her ‘frizzy hair and her tummy that often pours over her trousers’. Mother of two daughters, Karen’s circumstances unexpectedly changed almost 19 years ago shaping her career— trying to keep up with the pace and sometimes grind of the professional world, as well as the busy lives of her growing daughters. Karen is committed to living her life as real as she can, and wants people to recognise that despite the profile or lifestyle, we all can be faced with adversity (it just may not be surfacing through Instagram). Karen says that it’s only when we reach in and out, lifting others up can we truly change the world. She is a Strong Woman.