Meet Ruth. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Ruth studied Molecular Biology at university. Two years into her degree, she decided she wanted more ‘people contact’, and left to work for an insurance company as a loss adjuster. After eight years in a position that compromised who she was at her core, Ruth requested a demotion and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Spending six months in South East Asia and Japan, Ruth had come to the end of her funds and went to Australia with the intention of living and working for a year and then moving on to South America. Knowing only a handful of family in Australia, Ruth fell in love with the country and is now celebrating ten years working at the Commonwealth Bank. Loving connecting with people and discovering the inspiration that comes from meeting new folk, Ruth is now the Client Experience Manager at Women in Focus (CBA)— this allows her to celebrate women doing all sorts of remarkable things around Australia. Her bubbly personality is perfect for her role, as any person who's had the pleasure of meeting her knows. She is a Strong Woman.