Meet Adrienne. On Valentines Day 2019, this single 30-something-year-old decided to embark on a journey of love and legacy. Looking around at her family, most of her relatives had children, and because her biological clock is ticking, Adrienne was looking at alternative options for her to have her own family. This was hinged on her wanting to leave a part of herself behind. But as she thought more about it, rather than put that pressure on a child, she wanted to create something beautiful that impacts lives today, and that can make a mark on the lives of others for years to come. So The Bold Platform was born. The Bold Platform is a podcast that tells stories of tells stories of everyday day Australian women and girls. From business women to women running projects or who have a wholesome hobby, Adrienne interviews them as a way of celebrating them and providing a platform to be discovered. Overcoming her own anxieties because she doesn’t have a background in media or journalism, Adrienne has committed herself to telling stories that don’t necessarily make the news, but will inspire other women to be bold and step out to do something in their own community. The feedback from listeners is exactly what Adrienne had wanted- women (and men) are truly being inspired to live boldly. Now that is a legacy. She is a Strong Woman.