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Meet Anna. Anna’s earliest memories are of her singing, and her family would tell you the same. Growing up, @annaweatherup found herself getting into trouble a lot, so she was encouraged to sing as a form of distraction- in the hope that it may calm her ‘spirited’ nature. As she left school, she continued her passion of singing and writing music- performing up and down the east coast of Australia in pubs, at weddings, and anywhere that would let her in! In 2012 Anna decided to audition for The Voice. Despite making it quite far into the competition, she felt the joy for creating music leave her, as she focused on climbing an inauthentic ladder of success. Her experience taught her that reality TV is a quick fix for artists and isn’t sustainable. Opening herself up to public commentary and trying to please an audience she didn’t really connect with left Anna empty. She was emotionally bankrupt and following several more negative experiences, hid away to try and rediscover her love of music. Now, after years of patience and focus, Anna is ready to release a collection of her most honest music. Her new album ‘Crossing the Sea’ has been Anna’s journey home to a creative space. It is here that she has found peace in playing music for the art, rather than as a vehicle for self-validation. She is a Strong Woman.