Meet Cheree. I met Cheree while we were both studying teaching. She was managing her busy life as a mum of three kids, running a household and studying full-time. Fast forward to today, Cheree‘s life is still just as busy, but now she’s caring for 26 kids- as a teacher in a classroom of her own. This courageous, loving and hard-working woman is such a joy, and her twin boys Max and Luke are a beautiful reflection of this. These little balls of energy are actually two miracles because they are a rare set of mono-amniotic twins. This means that when Cheree was pregnant, Max and Luke shared the same amniotic sac. This only happens in about 1 in 240,000 pregnancies. Mono-amniotic twin boys are more rare, with 80% of surviving mono-amniotic twins being girls: making these two, 1 in 960,000 miracles! When they were born, the boys were then faced with several medical hurdles, but have gone from 8 specialists, to now one. Every single day Cheree wakes up and faces the world with the biggest smile on her face, and lives with grace and strength- always putting her boys first. I am so proud to honour and celebrate Cheree. She is a Strong Woman ❤️

* fun fact: Cheree was the first Strong Woman I featured on the website in 2015- so we’ve come full circle and have the honour of celebrating her again as I start telling women’s stories again