Meet Cherie. At just 20 Cherie's world was dramatically turned upside-down when she was raped -- twice. The two incidents were three months apart, the horrendous abuse coming from two people she knew and once trusted. The years following saw Cherie trying to move on with her life-- finishing her degree, moving up in her career and buying a flat. She appeared to be a happy and successful young woman with her life all together, however she was drowning in post-traumatic stress disorder. Sleepless nights filled with nightmares made it increasingly difficult for her to trust people; Cherie's hope for a happy future was quickly fading. This resulted in her having to leave her job, struggling to get out of bed for nearly three months. Cherie turned to therapy and sought support from friends and her family, fighting to get her life back together. Cherie was then married, but battled with depression, as a result from struggling with intimacy. Eventually she built up the courage to report the crimes to the police and although not enough evidence could be found to convict both rapists, Cherie was able to find her voice again. She is still happily married and is enjoying life as a mother to a beautiful girl and is expecting another baby. Cherie is striving to walk everyday with confidence and love, for herself and her family. She is a Strong Woman.