Meet Suzanne. Born in Tacoma, Washington USA, Suzanne was always an adventurous girl. In 2003 she decided to move to Australia for one year to study science and experience yet another adventure. 2005 saw her mysteriously accepted into a nursing degree-- something she hadn't even applied for! However, convinced this was part of her destiny, Suzanne accepted the offer and graduated from nursing in 2007. During her time as a student, Suzanne met the love of her life and is now married to her dream Aussie man with three beautiful children-- her greatest adventure to date! Today Suzanne sees adventure daily as she juggles work, family and a home with three children under the age of 5. She is a Strong Woman. 


Image supplied by Angela Ceberano

Image supplied by Angela Ceberano

Meet Angela. From an early age, Angela always knew she was business minded; writing business plans and drawing pictures of her dream office. From the age of 14, Angela started doing work experience at any place that would take her, from advertising agencies to PR firms to record companies. At 17 she decided to write an entrance essay into her dream degree (Bachelor of Communications in PR) based on the amount of work experience she had done in the hope she would be accepted, even before sitting her HSC. Her application was successful (after much follow up!) and the start of her successful career was born. After the completion of her degree Angela started working at BMG and went on to work as National Publicity Manager for Sony Music Australia. In 2010 Angela started her own business, Flourish Public Relations. Managing some big names and accounts; Angela has embraced the PR world, living out Flourish’s motto: to thrive, prosper and grow. Earlier this year Angela was invited to speak at TEDxBedminster and share her vision as an unlikely girlboss encouraging women all over the world that you can achieve if you set your mind to it. Viewing every day as an opportunity and a lesson, Angela’s dream of owning her own business and conquering PR has become a reality. Angela is excited for the future as she launches a range of new businesses including an app, online shop and growing an online community that she has created via YouTube. She attributes her success to hard work and surrounding herself with positive people. She is a Strong Woman.