Meet Toni. A joyous spirit, Toni’s contagious laugh overflows with happiness; however this wasn’t always the case. For most of her adult life, Toni felt bound by expectations and low self-esteem. Hesitant to be herself, she feared she wasn’t good enough and focused on suppressing her laughter and feelings in an attempt to ‘fit in’. In an abusive relationship, Toni thought that she had to stay with her boyfriend, fearing if she left, no one else would love her. Depressed, isolated and overcome with a sense of worthlessness, she started to self-harm, hoping that it would relieve her aching. After intentional self-care and meditation, today Toni takes pride in her beautiful body and her loud laugh-- snort and all! Her new lease on life is invigorating; her positive energy spreading to everyone she meets. Toni continues to surround herself with people who pour into her life and lift her up. She is a Strong Woman.


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Meet Stacey. Growing up without her mother, Stacey was brought up in a housing commission, was a victim of child sexual abuse and ended up living in a shed at age 13. At 15 years old, she was pregnant and by 19 she was a mother of two - and homeless. By the time she was 21, Stacey had had three children but was in a toxic relationship, a victim of domestic violence. Now 36 years old, Stacey has five children and is supported by her loving partner. She is an author, an international speaker and CEO of Brand Print Australia. More recently, she has become the official Ambassador for the Lighthouse Foundation and Brave Hearts Inc., which led to her being nominated for the 2012 Pride of Australia Award. She is a Strong Woman.


Image supplied by  www.inajphotography.com

Image supplied by www.inajphotography.com

Meet Kylie. In 2009 at nearly 25 years of age, Kylie set a goal for herself to become a millionaire by age 30. She wrote a blog post about 1001 ways to make money, and was then approached by Wiley Publishing Australia about writing a book-- which she did! The book was titled "365 Ways to Make Money"; from there Kylie started public speaking and freelance writing. All was looking positive, however in 2012 Kylie was domestically abused, raped and robbed which resulted in her being homeless with her two young daughters. Despite this harsh new reality, within a matter of weeks Kylie managed to escape and move to Canberra; re-establishing herself and her young family. Kylie overcame these experiences which she believes have shaped her into the woman she is today. A 2015 Young Australian of the Year award finalist, Kylie is now a CEO of a social media company, owning multiple websites, providing blog sponsorship and social media strategies. Kylie is using her experience to help others and inspire men and women to turn their lives around. She also raises awareness and money for victims of domestic violence and homelessness. Kylie’s favourite saying is "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become" by Carl Jung. Kylie is a Strong Woman.