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Meet Susan. At fifteen years old, Susan was on a fishing trip with her parents and brother when their boat suddenly sank. After four hours of struggling through darkness and rough sea, Susan eventually made it to shore-- but her family did not. Such trauma took its toll on Susan, leading her down a path of self-destruction. Becoming a mother at 20, Susan’s life continued to test her, having to face domestic violence, single motherhood and cancer. In the years following, Susan started the healing process and used motorbike riding to do so. Whilst writing her book “The Girl Who Lived”, she rode her motorbike throughout South East Asia, immersing herself in the diverse cultures and learning more about herself along the way. Susan now puts her energy into WOW Motorcycle Tours, an organisation she started with her son that runs motorbike tours across Victoria, Australia. Susan encourages women to rediscover themselves and build confidence with just two wheels and an open road. In January 2017 Susan will be facing her fear of swimming, and taking part in the Lorne Pier to Pub-- hoping to raise $100,000 for the McAuley Community Services for Women. Despite trauma and grief, Susan continues to face life head-on and inspires countless others along the way. She is a Strong Woman.


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Image supplied by PhotoGraf Designs

Meet Priscilla. Born and raised in South Africa, Priscilla made the big decision to move with her husband and four children to Sydney, Australia in 1981, in search of a better life. Now Priscilla is a proud grandmother to nine children and a great-grandmother to two children-- her beautiful family thriving. In May 2014 Priscilla’s husband was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident, resulting in the amputation of his right leg -- above the knee. While battling with her own health issues, Priscilla supports her husband throughout his healing and rehabilitation. Despite her own setbacks, she continues to be a pillar of strength for her husband and family, and does so with a warm and loving smile. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Sandy. A teacher of 22 years and a sports enthusiast, Sandy always lived a vivacious life. On 13 March 2005, Sandy was taking some friends out for skiing lessons behind her jetski, when she misjudged the position of a thick tree branch hanging over the river. Not seeing the branch at all, Sandy's head collided with the tree at full speed, knocking her off the jetski and unconscious into the water. She suffered a broken nose, broken jaw, broken neck and scapula as well as several broken ribs. Sandy was in an instant coma and doctors had told her family and friends to prepare to say goodbye. Miraculously, Sandy awoke from her coma and began to show signs of healing. Despite her first memory being in September (6 months after the accident), Sandy began to write music as a form of dealing with her emotional healing. Ten years on, Sandy is back casual teaching, maintaining her cheery disposition and writing music to channel her feelings. Before the accident, Sandy lived a comfortable life in a large house and owned a jetski. Today, Sandy has downgraded to a more manageable home, but sees her possessions and her living arrangements as a blessing; placing value on her life rather than the things that fill it. Still smiling and making jokes, Sandy is remarkable. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Linda. Having worked as a personal trainer for the past 8 years, Linda has always been fit and motivated. Tragically, on 15 February 2014, Linda was involved in a horrific accident which led to the amputation of her right leg. Her left leg was also broken in several places, with plates, pins and rods used to repair the damage. Linda spent 3 weeks in hospital, everyday gaining strength. She then spent 3 weeks in rehab adjusting to the changes in her life. In August, just 6 months after the accident, Linda started work back at the gym; defying all odds! Today you can find Linda instructing several classes a week and motivating members at Fit life Health Club. With a phenomenal amount of determination and positivity, Linda is an inspiration to so many. She is a Strong Woman.