Meet Meg. I thought it fitting to introduce this Strong Woman on Mother's Day, because this is my mother. Raising five children is no easy feat, but doing so as a single mum can be intense. As a small child I remember her resilience and grit as she worked multiple jobs to send us to a private school. Always putting her children first, Meg's heart is constantly invested in the happiness of others- this passion overflowing into her work as a carer in a nursing home. Despite raising five children on her own, mental illness crept in and Meg never seemed to recognise her own strength. I couldn't wrap my head around such a remarkable woman being so unaware of her worth and phenomenal contribution to the people around her. A mother and carer to her core, Meg is my original Strong Woman.


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Meet Bianca. Spending her early working years in hospitality, Bianca knew she wasn’t destined to be the Drive-Thru Crew Captain at McDonald’s forever. As a teenager, Bianca was expelled from high school but then worked toward being school dux and started University. However during her studies, Bianca quit and joined the Great Moscow Circus as Ringmaster. Following her circus stint, Bianca showed interest in journalism, however a self-confessed show-off, Bianca’s personality would’ve been restricted as a news journo. Bianca then found herself in radio and fell in love. Paying her dues, she went on and worked in country radio before returning to the coast to work in Sydney and Wollongong. Her hard work has paid off and Bianca continues to maintain her title of only female radio announcer to win Best Music Personality- back to back. Despite countless setbacks, Bianca never gave up- she knew she was meant to be a broadcaster. With over 20 years of broadcasting experience, she has manifested her career and surrounds herself with people who add value to what she does. One of Bianca’s recent projects is @anxietyfree-- a social media platform where she strives to inspire people and help them feel good about themselves, in a world that so often does the opposite. She is a Strong Woman.