Meet Alex. At 23 years of age, Alex is a very talented florist based in Sydney. Recently, Alex started a blog with her sister (called Miranda Hhart), showcasing the alternative art medium of flowers and foliage. Born with Mycrotia, Alex is deaf in one ear, and recognises that people often take their hearing for granted. In the same way, we are surrounded by flowers and greenery, however, we often tend to overlook their beauty. Wanting to be a jeweller from a very young age, Alex only took a job at a florist because she was desperate for work. Now eight years later, Alex loves what she does and plans on opening her own shop one day. She is a Strong Woman


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Meet Michelle. Recently graduating with a Master of Arts and Cultural Management, Michelle has a great passion for the Arts. Juggling studies with working as a sales assistant as well as being an unpaid intern at multiple arts organisations, her eyes have always been set on her passion and building up her career to align with that passion. Realising the struggle to gain employment in the Arts, Michelle opted to start her own art project to help empower female artists in Melbourne. Inviting three emerging female artists to display their work, Michelle’s exhibition is called “(Slash) Artists”. This exhibition pays homage to the countless female artists having to work tirelessly with side jobs in an attempt to support their art profession. As the curator and project manager, Michelle’s desire is to create awareness amongst female artists. It's only the start of this exciting adventure for Michelle. She is a Strong Woman.