Meet Toni. A joyous spirit, Toni’s contagious laugh overflows with happiness; however this wasn’t always the case. For most of her adult life, Toni felt bound by expectations and low self-esteem. Hesitant to be herself, she feared she wasn’t good enough and focused on suppressing her laughter and feelings in an attempt to ‘fit in’. In an abusive relationship, Toni thought that she had to stay with her boyfriend, fearing if she left, no one else would love her. Depressed, isolated and overcome with a sense of worthlessness, she started to self-harm, hoping that it would relieve her aching. After intentional self-care and meditation, today Toni takes pride in her beautiful body and her loud laugh-- snort and all! Her new lease on life is invigorating; her positive energy spreading to everyone she meets. Toni continues to surround herself with people who pour into her life and lift her up. She is a Strong Woman.