Meet Emily. Although born in Australia, Emily's first language was not English. When she was very young, her and her family moved abroad which saw Emily learning two languages first.
During her time abroad, Emily was forced to have her head shaved to make her look like a boy. This was for her own safety, as girls were in danger of being raped and murdered. Living in a house with security guards for her and her family's protection from local civil unrest and gangs, Emily was exposed to many disturbing situations.
Fast-forward a few years, and Emily moved with her family to Australia, giving her a new challenge of learning English on top of the two languages she already knew. From here, Emily discovered music as her escape and continued to grow in confidence and talent.
Being a contestant on The Voice Australia 2014, most days you will find this lovely lady singing her heart out in and around Sydney and Newcastle. With her perseverance, contagious smile and zest for life, Emily is a Strong Woman.