Meet Mary-Lou. The eldest of five children, Mary-Lou has always been a nurturer. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be a nurse, and saw herself having a large family. After marriage and a few years of nursing, Mary-Lou and her husband Ralph decided to start a family. For years they tried to fall pregnant but were not successful. Being a nurse, Mary-Lou was constantly surrounded by new life, which increased her desire to be a mother. Driving around the streets of her home town, Mary-Lou would even check boxes and bags dumped on the side of the road, hoping she would discover an abandoned child needing a home and a mother. Following eight years of various treatments and heartache, Mary-Lou and her husband welcomed their only child- a daughter- into the world. Now some 30 years on, Mary-Lou is the very proud grandmother of three little ones, and continues to love and nurture everyone she meets. She is a Strong Woman. 


Image supplied by  PhotoGraf Designs

Image supplied by PhotoGraf Designs

Meet Priscilla. Born and raised in South Africa, Priscilla made the big decision to move with her husband and four children to Sydney, Australia in 1981, in search of a better life. Now Priscilla is a proud grandmother to nine children and a great-grandmother to two children-- her beautiful family thriving. In May 2014 Priscilla’s husband was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident, resulting in the amputation of his right leg -- above the knee. While battling with her own health issues, Priscilla supports her husband throughout his healing and rehabilitation. Despite her own setbacks, she continues to be a pillar of strength for her husband and family, and does so with a warm and loving smile. She is a Strong Woman.