Image supplied by   Donna Lynn Photography

Image supplied by Donna Lynn Photography

Meet Amie. From a young age, Amie always had a passion for aviation. Straight from high school, she leapt into the world of flying and gained as much experience as possible. Her first flying job was less than glamorous- moving to a desolate village in the Northwest Territories of Canada where she had to learn to blend with the local community. She flew a small airplane in and out of gravel strips for a short summer season, before receiving an offer to go back to her home town to fly a multi-engine cargo/passenger airplane. Flying long hours meant a build-up of experience and Amie was transporting everything- from 500lb blood donations to prisoners in handcuffs. Because of her passion and dedication, Amie has had to work very hard to climb the aviation ladder- which has often meant her having to live far away from family and friends. Today, Amie’s perseverance has paid off and she is able to work close to loved ones and close to home. She’s a firm believer in hard work and where she is now is a testament to this belief. She is a Strong Woman.