Meet Paige. Although Paige is only 16 years old, she has lived the most fascinating and inspiring life! At the age of 10 she went on her first solo mission trip to Vanuatu for four weeks. This first mission experience through Teen Missions Internationalchanged her life forever. Four years later, Paige, her mother, sister and grandmother served in the Philippines, spending a few days in an orphanage called Gentle Hands. This experience changed Paige’s life, with her deciding that serving and helping others was her purpose in life. Since this trip to the Philippines in 2013, Paige has made 8 trips back, spending up to 5 weeks there at a time. Experiencing births and many deaths, as well as loving and caring for the children of the orphanage, Paige lives every day thinking of how she can get back to the Philippines to make a difference in these kids’ lives. She is involved in teaching the young people social and self-esteem skills, raising the toddlers and has even nursed malnourished children from near-death back to full health. Paige’s heart is filled with the cry of these disadvantaged children and with every visit back, she simply loves them and tries to show them their worth. She is a Strong Woman.

Follow Paige’s journey atwww.faithbeyondtheborders.wordpress.com


Meet Christie. Building resilience from a young age, Christie had to adjust to frequent changes in her life, hopping from country to country as her parents were missionaries. Now with a family of 4 children of her own, she juggles a household and volunteers at her local church. Despite having two Bachelors Degrees in Science and Education, her children are her life and she is taking time off to raise them. Christie believes one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children is siblings, so her and her husband live to provide their children with a beautiful childhood filled with memories. She is a Strong Woman.