Image supplied by Daniel Weisser ( )

Image supplied by Daniel Weisser (

Meet Kirbanu. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, this singer/songwriter had no intention of venturing down a path of music or creative expression. After completing university degrees in zoology and environmental conservation, Kirbanu came to the end of her study and despite having the head of a scientist, found her heart simply wasn’t invested. Realising she was meant to be a musician, she picked up her guitar and started travelling. Several years and 33 countries later, today Kirbanu is based in Germany and concentrates on cultivating her unique musical identity. Acknowledging that money dictates a lot of the mainstream music industry, Kirbanu parades a refreshing opposite. Pushing honest music and authenticity, Kirbanu uses social media and conversation to build authentic connections, creating a loyal supporter base with the goal of building a sustainable, independent music career. Coming from the old Pahlavi language meaning “a lady of power, strength and fortune”, even Kirbanu’s name is a reflection of her passion-filled spirit. She is a Strong Woman. 


Image supplied by Charlotte Rowe

Image supplied by Charlotte Rowe

Meet Antoniette. A piano and harp composer since 7th grade, Antoniette is a Singer-Songwriter living in New York. Always passionate about music, she released her first album independently in College, which went to #1 on Amazon music charts. Fast forward a few years and Antoniette completed a BA with English major, as well as her pre-medical courses. Following her time at Columbia University, she started working at Nickelodeon in music and media licencing however decided not to go to Medical School, and pursued music and entertainment law instead. Today Antoniette is a 3rd year Law Student, also juggling her blossoming music career. With the near completion of her album “The Triptyq Sessions” with musicians Kevin "K.O." Olusola and Tara Kamangar, Antoniette continues to draw lyrical inspiration from literary icons and themes. Just as she sings in her song “Mr. Right”, there is ‘no expiration date to dream’. This is exactly how Antoniette is living her life; dreaming big, working hard and creating. She is a Strong Woman.