Image supplied by  Fabio Lorenzo Photography

Image supplied by Fabio Lorenzo Photography

Meet Amber. A registered nurse by day, Amber- Model for Life/Style Model Management devotes her time to pouring goodness into the lives of her patients. Living with Multiple Sclerosis, she feels a strong connection and sense of empathy each time she meets a new patient. An advocate for health and beauty, Amber has a holistic understanding of what it means to be beautiful and healthy. Living with a chronic condition, having a nursing background and also being a fashion model, Amber has created two brands to better spread positivity. Nonairbrushedme is a site that shares the real, raw and true beauty of all women. She features and affirms women of all shapes and sizes and encourages them to wear their happiness regardless of their appearance. Nyata -- meaning ‘real’ in Indonesian-- values authenticity and strives to embrace and enhance beauty in all forms. Nyata is a Melbourne based boutique clothing store aiming to overcome prevalent compartmentalising in the fashion industry between ‘regular’ and ‘plus sizing’. Amber is passionate about supporting women, helping them to feel confident about themselves from the inside out-- with fashion simply as a finishing touch. She is a Strong Woman.