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Meet Rowena. A teacher since 2011 at Kempsey High School and also fitness enthusiast, Rowena noticed a void in programs in her community that girls could call uniquely their own. Passionate about creating a space for these girls, Rowena decided to start up Strong Girl Fitness: an inclusive program specifically for girls. This program includes training such as running, gymnastics and calisthenics through to weightlifting and power lifting. There is also a strong focus on positive body image, building community and creating a healthy lifestyle. Rowena set the motto as Strength, Courage, Choices, because if girls have strength then they will have the courage to make good choices. Throughout this program the students who have attended have gained confidence, health, increased school attendance and have gone on to achieve sporting and academic accomplishments. Since starting the program three years ago, Rowena has encouraged and empowered dozens of girls and in 2015 won Australian Women's Weekly, Woman of the Future award. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Kayla- qualified personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Kayla created her famous Bikini Body Training Guide as there was such a strong demand from her social media following, wanting to know how her clients were achieving their results. Kayla has helped thousands of women worldwide on their journey to be a healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident version of themselves. Women from all over the world are now jumping onboard and using Kayla's method as a basis for their lifestyle transformations. Kayla's success is rising at a phenomenal rate --now with over 3.6 million followers-- having recently completed her first ever World Bootcamp Tour where she met and trained with nearly 10,000 girls in the UK, USA and Europe. She dedicates her life to training, educating and give healthy lifestyle advice to girls all around the world. She is a Strong Woman.

Image supplied by   Kayla Itsines

Image supplied by Kayla Itsines


Meet Linda. Having worked as a personal trainer for the past 8 years, Linda has always been fit and motivated. Tragically, on 15 February 2014, Linda was involved in a horrific accident which led to the amputation of her right leg. Her left leg was also broken in several places, with plates, pins and rods used to repair the damage. Linda spent 3 weeks in hospital, everyday gaining strength. She then spent 3 weeks in rehab adjusting to the changes in her life. In August, just 6 months after the accident, Linda started work back at the gym; defying all odds! Today you can find Linda instructing several classes a week and motivating members at Fit life Health Club. With a phenomenal amount of determination and positivity, Linda is an inspiration to so many. She is a Strong Woman.