Image supplied by  Loni Smith Photography

Image supplied by Loni Smith Photography

Meet Ashley. Married in 2005, Ashley always knew that she wanted to have a large family. However after several years of trying to conceive, Ashley learned that she had endometriosis, causing her fertility issues. After several unsuccessful attempts at artificial insemination, Ashley and her husband Tyson decided to venture down the path of IVF. Their family, friends and members of the community showed immense support, taking nine months to raise funds needed for the treatment. Seven weeks into treatments, Ashley learned she was pregnant with quadruplets! Faced with another challenge a few months into her pregnancy, Ashley nearly lost her quads, having to undergo emergency in-utero fetal surgery. The surgery was successful and on 28 December 2014 (10 weeks before their due date), Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline were born; two sets of identical twins-- only occurring in 1 in 70,000,000 pregnancies! Now a mother to four beautiful baby girls, Ashley’s faith and continued support of her loved ones help empower her to reach out to others, sharing her 8 year infertility struggle with women from all around the world (through A Miracle Unfolding-Gardner Quadruplets). She is a Strong Woman.