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Meet Georgette. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Georgette followed in the footsteps of people around her and graduated from college with a Degree in Business. Once graduated, Georgette gained employment in marketing at NBC, and although she thought the job sounded glamorous, she worked from a tiny cubical in a large office. Disappointed that her expectations were not met, Georgette left her job after only four months. Deciding she wanted to be around people, she worked for seven years doing developmental assessments for children with intellectual disabilities. However after years of working in this job, there was no way to progress so Georgette was looking for another change. One weekend Georgette did make-up for a friend's wedding, and after receiving so many compliments, she decided to try it full time. Returning to study to become a qualified make-up artist, Georgette's first week as a MUA was on an independent film. Since discovering her passion was indeed make-up and beauty, Georgette has been able to travel the world and pursue what she loves. Instead of believing she was locked into her career in marketing, Georgette decided to take a leap of faith and do what she loves-- today this has paid off, and she fills her days beautifying people both locally and internationally. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Semele. Graduating from a nursing degree in 1999, Semele worked briefly as a nurse and then moved into administration within the medical industry. She also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, as a representative for a pharmaceutical company and then onto Practice Management for an Orthopaedic Surgeon. After a period of hesitation, Semele decided to return to study and in 2013, she started a Master of Primary Teaching. After working full time for 14 years and then going back to full time study, being a student was no bed of roses; with it came financial pressures. But Semele decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion. She will graduate at the end of this year-- her career change took courage and perseverance, but Semele couldn’t be happier! She is a Strong Woman.


Image supplied by  DEC Creatives Photography

Image supplied by DEC Creatives Photography

Meet Patrice. When her father died tragically in a mountain accident when she was young, Patrice was forced to grow up quickly to help her mother raise her younger sister and brother. Always positive, looking at the bright side of life, Patrice always believed that with hard work she could have anything you wanted in life. Patrice’s passion for the performing arts started at the age of six, whereshe immersed herself in all forms of dance until she graduated from high school. Always knowing she wanted to be a school teacher; Patrice often spoke of how her dream would somehow be merged with her passion for dance. After graduating as a teacher (whilst gaining dance teaching experience), she went to London with her now husband, Dion to teach full time and travel. She kept up her dancing at Pineapple where she was lucky enough to train with professional Broadway dancers for two years. After a successful two years of teaching in London, Patrice was offered the position of Director of Performing Arts for an International school in Egypt -- home of the largest school theatre in the Middle East! During her two years there, Patrice wrote, directed and produced nine school musicals with over 300 students. On return to New Zealand, Patrice launched 'Gobsmacked'; a performing arts company specialising in the production of school musicals, providing all original scripts, music, dance choreography, costumes, sets and props. After its first school musical in May 2015 with over 370 students in the cast, Gobsmacked is now completely booked for the remainder of the year. Patrice has an infectious zest for life, inspiring people to better themselves. Her belief in her students is the driving force behind each musical’s success. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Tanya. A trained nurse who grew up in Fiji, Tanya first visited Cambodia in 2007 where she left a portion of her heart. After several mission trips to Cambodia, Tanya's mission vision was born in the form of Restore One Charity. "The word RESTORE is a perfect description for what is achieved in the broken communities of Cambodia and Myanmar." Tanya and her team at Restore One are supporting one village to not simply build a school and leave; they are working with the people to ensure every area of their village is developing. The school they have opened gives children an education for hope and freedom. By building up and educating the youth they are able to set them on a path where they can find a good job. Opening in November 2014, the school has 200 students with another classroom for educating the 10 deaf students of the village also being developed. In the community, villagers are educated about domestic violence and hygiene. They have also opened Restore one Cafe in downtown Phnom Penh which helps support the village's efforts. A visitors and training centre is also a place where locals can work or be trained to develop skills to enhance their village. 
Tanya loves what she does and beams with delight when asked about her project. Being only two years old, it's still new, but Restore One is already changing lives! Tanya encourages everyone to do something that excites you. Restore One is something that is empowering and changing lives, one person at a time. She is excited and passionate about this project. She is a Strong Woman. 


Meet Sharon. A teacher, author, presenter, educator and motivator, you may have seen Sharon on TV Shows such as 'The Circle', 'The Kerri-Anne Show', 'Sunrise' and 'The Daily Edition'. Also the author of 12 books written for children and adolescents to help guide them through life, Sharon continues to write and share her wisdom with children and parents both in Australia and internationally. 
The past few years have kept Sharon very busy with both professional and personal hurdles. Supporting a family member and their mental health struggles took its toll on Sharon, however she did not let it defeat her, still maintaining a household, her business and professional appearances. Despite the built up pressure in her personal life, Sharon has continued to smile and keep her positive outlook on life. Her two children are a beautiful reflection on her strength and joy. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Sandy. A teacher of 22 years and a sports enthusiast, Sandy always lived a vivacious life. On 13 March 2005, Sandy was taking some friends out for skiing lessons behind her jetski, when she misjudged the position of a thick tree branch hanging over the river. Not seeing the branch at all, Sandy's head collided with the tree at full speed, knocking her off the jetski and unconscious into the water. She suffered a broken nose, broken jaw, broken neck and scapula as well as several broken ribs. Sandy was in an instant coma and doctors had told her family and friends to prepare to say goodbye. Miraculously, Sandy awoke from her coma and began to show signs of healing. Despite her first memory being in September (6 months after the accident), Sandy began to write music as a form of dealing with her emotional healing. Ten years on, Sandy is back casual teaching, maintaining her cheery disposition and writing music to channel her feelings. Before the accident, Sandy lived a comfortable life in a large house and owned a jetski. Today, Sandy has downgraded to a more manageable home, but sees her possessions and her living arrangements as a blessing; placing value on her life rather than the things that fill it. Still smiling and making jokes, Sandy is remarkable. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Sofia. She is a full time student who came from New Zealand to study teaching and chaplaincy. She began her adventures at a young age, with an amazing mother who has a heart for travelling. Since Sofia was a girl, she has wanted to come to Australia to study, but always saw it as a far off dream. Though smart, she found school difficult. She is a self described creative, not academic. But she took a leap and overcame financial and personal barriers and moved to begin her studies at the start of this year. Sofia has a heart for people, and an ability to smile through anything. She a Strong Woman.