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Meet Melanie. Always having a passion for helping people, Melanie has been a physiotherapist for over ten years. A couple of years in, she noticed a lot of women pre and post-natal, not knowing how they could help themselves during, and after the physical transformation of pregnancy. Starting to do research of her own, Melanie felt that there wasn’t enough information available to these women— specifically in the areas of pregnancy and exercise. She wanted to inspire women to look after themselves, so she created Perfect Pelvic Floor; an online program to assist women in the prevention of incontinence. Melanie knew that female incontinence isn’t something freely discussed amongst women, so wanted to develop a platform to allow discussions and education. Melanie's passion lies in self-care, and helping people to look after themselves— her bold step to open conversation continues to inspire women from all corners. She is a Strong Woman.


Meet Snezna. A powerhouse of a woman, Snezna started her career as a journalist, moved onto owning her own PR company, and then jumped straight into developing her own teen girl skincare range. After having worked in health and beauty, and with a daughter who was about to start her own skincare journey, Snezna found a gap in the market and quickly ran to fill it. Last year Snezna moved on to becoming Director of Health and Wellness at Edelman Australia-- a high intensity position, perfect for this dynamic and driven woman. Despite the success of her carreer, Snezna is very intentional about investing time into her family. With a daughter and husband, she admits that being successful in the corporate world can be demanding, however never lets the passion for her family be overtaken by her career. She is a Strong Woman.