Image supplied by Viviana Chavez  www.vivifyphotography.com

Image supplied by Viviana Chavez www.vivifyphotography.com

Meet Chloe. Having always loved traveling and exotic experiences that follow, Chloe knew at the age of 7 she was destined to wander the continents. After the passing of her father when she was only 14, Chloe treasured a collection of his stamped passport pages-- her most prized possession. Over the years, her love of travel has manifested in ways that pervade her personal life and career. Chloe chose to be a professional actor because exploring characters’ minds felt like traveling. With a notable career on Broadway stage, various TV shows and touring with an opera company, Chloe embraced adventurous safaris in every facet of her life. After years of hesitation, Chloe eventually admitted that traveling is her true dream and calling. Thriving off international connections, foreign languages and the stories that come from such experiences, Chloe recently launched a project called ‘Wandering CityZen’. She and her partner, a travel blogger like herself, are about to embark on the ultimate journey: living in foreign cities for one week at a time. With the challenge of experiencing life as locals, Chloe aims to showcase vibrant communities from around the world, bridging gaps and offering new perspectives. This will be a huge leap of faith; however her passion and zest for sharing experiences with people from all over the world is enough to compensate for the daunting act of living a nomadic life. She is a Strong Woman.